This table summarizes all of the activities of the After Hours Community Band during 1999.
01/12/99AHCB Awards Dinner/RehearsalBethlehem United Church of Christ
01/17/99Board MeetingJerry’s home
01/19/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
01/26/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
02/01/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
02/09/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
02/14/99Board MeetingRené’s home
02/16/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
02/23/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
03/02/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
03/09/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
03/14/99Board MeetingMary Jo’s home
03/16/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
03/21/992nd Annual Community Band FestivalSt.Louis Symphony School of Music
03/23/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
03/26/99AHCB Chilli cookoff and square danceBethlehem United Church of Christ
03/30/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
04/06/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
04/13/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
04/18/99Board MeetingRené’s home
04/19/99Dress RehearsalParkway West High School
04/20/99Spring ConcertParkway West High School
04/24/99Rehearsal for J. Swearingen Premier ConcertKansas City, MO
04/25/99J. Swearingen Premier ConcertKansas City, MO
04/27/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
05/02/99Board MeetingWayne’s home
05/04/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
05/11/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
05/18/99RehearsalHope Lutheran Church
05/25/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
05/30/99Memorial Day CeremonySt. Charles Memorial Gardens
06/01/99ConcertGarden Villas West Nursing Home
06/06/99Rehearsal for Small Ensemble ConcertHope Lutheran Church
06/08/99Small Ensemble ConcertHope Lutheran Church
06/11/99Concert for VIP 50+ ClubSaint Joseph’s Catholic Church, Cottleville
06/13/99Board MeetingRené’s home
06/15/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
06/22/99ConcertGood Samaritan Nursing Home
06/29/99ConcertJaycee Fairgrounds Retirement Center
07/06/99ConcertManorcare Americana Retirement center
07/13/99ConcertBethlehem UCC
07/20/99ConcertGables Retirement Center
07/27/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
07/30/99Community Band WeekendSt. Charles West H.S.
07/31/99Community Band WeekendSt. Charles West H.S.
08/01/99Community Band WeekendSt. Charles West H.S.
08/03/99National Night Out Community ConcertLexington Drive, St. Charles
08/10/99ConcertCouncil Tower Apartments Retirement Center
08/17/99ConcertClaywest House Retirement Center
08/24/99ConcertOllie Langhorst Retirement Center
08/31/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
09/07/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
09/14/99ConcertLaclede Commons Retirement Community
09/21/99ConcertConcordia House Retirement Center
09/25/99AHCB Band PicnicJ. S. McDonnell Park
09/28/99ConcertDelmar Gardens of Chesterfield Retirement Center
10/02/99Concert for Preschool AuctionWebster Groves
10/03/99Board Meeting 
10/05/99ConcertLake St. Charles Retirement Center
10/12/99ConcertEmmaus Homes
10/19/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
10/26/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
11/02/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
11/07/99Board MeetingWayne’s home
11/09/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
11/16/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
11/21/99Concert for Charity Fund RaiserWestfield Crestwood Mall
11/23/99RehearsalHarvest Ridge Elementary School
11/30/99Concert Westfield Crestwood Mall
12/04/99ConcertNational Health Care
12/05/99Board MeetingRene’s home
12/07/99Family and Friends Christmas ConcertHarvest Ridge Elementary School
12/12/99Bridgeton Tree LightingBridgeton Community Center
12/14/99ConcertSt. Joseph’s Apartments
12/17/99ConcertHarvest Ridge Elementary School
12/21/99ConcertSaint Louis Galleria