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On the occasion of our 10th Anniversary Spring Concert in 1997, we unearthed the following factoids about the After Hours Community Band.

  • The AHCB music library contains 155 titles and almost 10,000 individual parts of music.
  • A single piece of band music (with parts for every instrument) can cost US$50 or more.
  • A typical band member travels 1,500 miles (2400 km) per year attending rehearsals and concerts.
  • An estimated 700 reeds have been used by band clarinet, oboe, and saxophone players over the past ten years.
  • An estimated 200 bottles of valve oil and slide oil have been used by band trumpet, French horn, baritone horn, bass, and trombone players over the past ten years.
  • Although there are times when it may not seem like it, the band has held nearly 800 hours of rehearsals over the last ten years (that's the equivalent of twenty, 40-hour work weeks).
  • The estimated dollar value of the musical instruments used in the band, nearly all of which are individually owned, is more than US$60,000. (Some cost more than US$2500)
  • Larger band instruments packed in their carrying cases weigh as much as 45 pounds (20 kg).
  • At least one fourth of the band members play two or more musical instruments.

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