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The funniest thing that ever happened in the band was. . .

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Some of the funnier things that have happened to us:

When the lawn sprinklers came on during an outdoor concert at Brooking Park. Band members scattered in all directions but then had to run back to their chairs to retrieve their music.

When Dave was forced to use a table top and a podium as drums at a retirement center concert because the percussion equipment did not arrive.

When the bass drum player was forced to use her sock wrapped around a drum stick because we lost the bass drum mallet.

When the band performed next to the "Dancing Dogs" during a March of Dimes Walk-a-thon.

When the band learned, in 1996, that Co-conductors Carol Commerford and Sandra Stoeckel (both of whom had been born on the same day in the same year, and both of whom had attended the same college, receiving the same degree in the same year) were both pregnant and had identical "due-dates."

When an elderly lady at a retirement home interrupted the concert to determine the whereabouts of her husband. After Conductor, Sandra Stoeckel, asked from the podium if the lady's husband was somewhere in the room, the band learned that the gentleman in question had been deceased for some 25 years.

Watching the players of wind instruments accidentally inhaling flying insects during outdoor concerts.

The look on everyone's face when Doris brought costumes for band members to wear during the first Family & Friends Christmas Concert. (Now, when Doris brings up an idea, WE LISTEN!)

When the lights went out because of a thunderstorm during a concert at St. Joseph's Apartments. The band started playing "When the Saints Go Marching In" (in the dark) and repeated it until the electricity was restored.

Watching residents at nursing homes peacefully sleep through the din of a sixty piece band.

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