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Six people in an adult education class

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1. Six people in an adult education class 4. We get organized 7. BIG concerts
2. We rehearse in a basement 5. We get a name and a logo 8. And we're loveable
3. A Concert?!? Us?? 6. We find our niche 9. We're still here

In February 1986, six amateur musicians met for an adult education band class led by Sandra Stoeckel at Parkway Central Junior High School. Quickly realizing that they needed more than six instruments to make a band they recruited friends and family members and within a few weeks numbered an even dozen. Most of these adventurers had not played a band instrument in several years and for some the time span exceeded two decades.

The band met weekly until the spring when the "class" came to an end. Having had so much fun for the last four months, the group was reluctant to disband their small ensemble but Parkway Junior High School was closing for the summer.


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